Located across from Hlemmur Bus Station, Mai Thai imports and sells all sorts of products from South East Asia, particularly Thailand and the Philippines. Depending on the day, you might find fresh coriander, mint, chilies, bean sprouts, exotic fruits such as Durian, Carambola or Coconut, as well as year round products such as frozen spring rolls, various kinds of rice sold in bulk bags, sauces and spices galore, egg and rice noodles, Asian snacks, clothes and other knick-knacks. In short, a wide array of what are still considered rare and exotic treats in Reykjavík.  AK

Cintamani stocks Icelandic quality outdoor-gear and travel equipment, guaranteed to keep the whole family nice and warm in any type of weather. Here you’ll find almost everything needed for your trip across the country and beyond, you can book an adventure excursion on the spot – and they offer free internet access.

Founded in 1984, Te og kaffi was the first company in Iceland to specialise in the production and sale of gourmet coffee and fresh tea in bulk. They have always chosen the finest quality products to import and produce and make a damn good cup of Joe, if we may say so ourselves.

Reykjavík’s massive indoor flea market is a wonderful place to get lost for a few hours, rummaging through stall upon stall of potential treasures. There are heaps of used clothing, knitwear and other yard-sale type goods from decades of yore, and a large food section with fish, meats and baked goods. Check out the vintage post cards and prints at the table near the army surplus.

Open on weekends, you can get a bargain on almost anything at this indoor flea market.

Selling high-end fashion labels such as Mark Jacobs, Sonia Rykiel, Vivienne Westwood, not to forget their own Kron by KronKron, this shop is the local fusionist’s candy-store, and is priced accordingly.

The Kraum Iceland Design store features the best from the latest trends in Icelandic design. Kraum sells unique, Icelandic takes on everyday items like stationary, wooden children’s toys, plastic zip-lockable handbags and raincoats, and woolen and other clothing and jewelry.

The Hand-knitting Association of Iceland’s official store, Handprjónasambandið, sells wool products of uncompromising quality. The store features pullover sweaters, cardigans and other wool accessories.

This small boutique is a jam-packed treasure chest overflowing with antique furniture and items to perk up your apartment. In every corner of the shop you’ll find some unique items, including lamps, pillows, gorgeous 60s sofas, tables, and a selection of vintage jewellery.

Ostabúðin (The Cheese Store) on Skólavörðustígur is among the most beloved gourmet stores in the city and its popularity is well earned. Specialising in serving those with a discerning palate, the shop has built up a loyal customer base that can always rely on the fine selection of cheeses as well as quality food products including hot-smoked blackbird, salami, smoked sausages, foie gras, oils, sauces, Italian pasta, balsamic vinegars, Belgian chocolate and all sorts of yummy desserts.

Find a wide variety of t-shirts, hoodies and the like at this retail boutique. Whether you want to sport your favourite band or artist, boast of your trip to Iceland or just slap an offensive graphic on your chest, Dogma is the place to go.

Janusbúðin sells products from the Norwegian JANUS and IRIS trademarks exclusively; comfortable high-quality underwear made of Merino-wool. Outdoorsy-types as well as the terminally chilly swear by the fabled underwear, which has been a Norwegian favourite since the dawn of the 20th century.

This pricey tourist shop gathers memorabilia, souvenirs, clothing and gift items from all over Iceland at a convenient location. Great for loading up at the last minute, as their stock is diverse and of very high-quality.