The Hilton Nordica is open year round offering quality service to its guests. It is well located within walking distance from downtown and just a stone’s throw from the famous Laugardalslaug pool, the Reykjavík Botanical Gardens, The Family Park & Petting Zoo and the Ásmundarsafn branch of the Reykjavík Art Museum. Their restaurant VOX offers delicious food including the top brunch buffet in town on the weekends, and the NordicaSpa offers a range of luxury services for guests and visitors alike.

Viðey is an island situated just few minutes from Reykjavík city by ferry. The island is the perfect place for individuals, friends and families wanting to enjoy a relaxing but also adventurous getaway from the city life. The house is well suited for meetings, conferences, birthday parties, Icelandic christmas buffet, wedding parties and functions of all sorts. The upper floor is a spacious hall, comfortable for 130 guests. The first floor is devided into several small rooms, suitable for 10-25 people each. Viðeyjarstofa is open year round.

From its website: “Lónkot is a family owned and run guesthouse and restaurant since 1991 garnering great reviews for its gastronomy and hospitality (Gourmet pit stop, Lonely Planet).

Lónkot offers romantic and family friendly vacation rooms that are all independently decorated. Sleeping bag accommodation is also available in our loft and we offer a camping site as well.

Our gourmet, slow food restaurant is renowned for its creativity of fusing traditions of the Icelandic cuisine and contemporary gastronomy. Our food is inspired by flowers, herbs and berries from our gardens and by our blueberry hills. Our dishes are served in various ways in association with wonderful assortments of fish from the clean ocean and waters around and our exquisite mountain lamb and birds from the outstanding islands of Drangey and Málmey in Skagafjörður.

In our restaurant Sölva Salon you can see unique art by Sölvi Helgason (Solon Islandus), Iceland´s most renowned vagabond. A monument in honour of him was unveiled in Lónkot in the year of 1995, created by Icelandic sculptor Gestur Þorgrímsson. Many of Island´s most acclaimed artist have resided and created artwork for Lónkot such as Katrín Sigurðardóttir, Páll á Húsafelli and Örn Þorsteinsson. In Sölva Salon many renowned artist have exibited their work to name a few Helgi Þorgils, Sigurbjörn Jónsson, Páll á Húsafelli and Pétur Gautur.”

Open months: June 1-September 15

Ostensibly Lebowski bar is a theme bar modeled after the 1998 comedy Big Lebowski starring Jeff Bridges as a slacker and bowling-enthusiast bouncing from one ludicrous situation to another. A feeling you will come to recognise when partying in downtown Reykjavík. The theme might not be quite as nailed down as expected, but the place looks nice and plenty of attention to detail.This is a transitioning theme bar with a taste for creamy cocktails and Americana.

Restaurant on Laugavegur offering diverse dishes, notably fishstew, rice pudding and traditional Icelandic food.

Rúbín plays host to receptions, meetings, concerts or simply a night of fine dining.

Sushisamba is a Brazilian/Japanese sushi bar and restaurant that blends tropical Latin flavours with traditional Japanese ingredients. They offer imaginative takes on ceviche, sashimi, sushi, and steak (try saying that three times fast) and food is available for dine-in and take-out. The drink menu is a selection of imported sakes, beers, and Brazilian cachaça (aka sugar cane rum, aka the reason the caipirinha is the national drink of Brazil). Sushisamba is conveniently located right smack dab in the middle of downtown.

Not your average fish ’n’ chips joint, this healthy restaurant uses only organic vegetables and quality fish products to serve their fancy take on a fast-food classic. The spiced ‘Skyronnaise’ sauce is a special treat, and their clean, casual location by the harbour is full of charm.

These days, good Smörrebröd can be an elusive delicacy. Lucky for us out in the colonies, it’s alive and well at Jómfrúin with fresh eel imported specially from Denmark.

Considered by some to be the best real hamburger in Reykjavík, “Bullan” does serve some mysteriously delicious burgers, guaranteed to take the edge off any hangover. The resturant has expanded to four new locations, including Bankastræti, Ofanleiti, Hafnarfjordur and Bíldshöfða.

The first sub sandwich shop in Iceland, Hlölla Bátar has a large selection of creatively named sandwiches with equally imaginative contents. Good for an adventurous bite.

Legendary for its early opening hours, the Gray Cat serves amazing breakfasts and coffee that packs a wallop. A splendid way to start you off on your day.